Interview with Mirka Talavašková


Linda Matějovská


Lucie Koldová, Anna Steinerová and Mirka Talavašková — three women, three different professions meeting at a joint project. The MOOYYY jewelry brand, inspired by yoga, nature and spiritual world. Each one of the women found her own way of capturing the idea and transforming it into a collection of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Lucie Koldová
is a prolific designer in the field of interior lighting and furniture. She is accustomed to work with materials such as metal, wood and glass. Her designs are simple, playful and elegant.
SENSO collection reflects Lucie's love for minimalism. Silver and gold plated silver jewelry in the shape of letter Y reminds not only the word YOGA but also different yoga postures.



Anna Steinerová is a true jeweler. She studied jewelry design at the Prague school of Arts (UMPRUM) and became known through her teddy bear earrings or neon spaghetti and plastic button rings. In her work, there is wit, hyperbole and experiment with unusual materials.
The RUDRA collection for Mooyyy however falls outside this characteristic.
Rudra stands for Rudraksha seeds from India and Sri Lanca. They are blessed by monks and serve for meditation and ritual purposes. Anna honors their plain natural beauty or combines them with gold, silver and black patina. Soft and inconspicuous jewelry brings positive energy, strength and support to it's owner.




Last of the Mooyyy spiritual trio is fashion designer Mirka Talavašková. 
Mooyyy is her first work in the field of jewelry. It was interesting to hear about the genesis of the collection about her creative thinking and what is characteristic of her work.


From the collection of different stones and materials she picked out intuitively lava stone, rubber, pearls and rose quartz. The contrast of black and white won her attention, also rose quartz is Mirka's personal stone based on the zodiac.
„I started to study healing properties of different stones and I discovered that it really works. I had some problems but they started to go away when I got a bracelet with crystal, rose quarts and fluoride stones. Simply I sensed the energies and thanks to this experience I wish to continue with this work. I would love to make specific jewelry for each zodiac sign.„
Even if jewelry design was new to Mirka she did not lack ideas. As a fashion designer she needs to think about the whole “ LOOK “. So, it is not only clothes that she considers but also shoes, bags and jewelry. On the other hand she does not want to do everything. She does not feel like stepping into other design territories.


„ Together with Anna Steinerová we shaped prototypes that were at first quite extravagant and costly, but we wanted to experiment and try different possibilities.We were excited by the results but the jewelry did not reflect anything from us.Then we started to refine until the present form.It was important to me that there was another dimension in them, esthetic profoundness, that it was not only about threading the beads but about my design beliefs and respect for the material„
That was the birth of CHIA collection, that conceals healing properties. Lava stone restores to health and protects against harmful elements, pearl soothes pain and calms emotions, rose quartz has positive effect on the hears.
Why do according to Mirka so many people turn to yoga and spirituality?
„I think this is a natural human need. People are tired of materialism and consumer lifestyle. 
It seems that time came, when people are returning to nature, to real values and honest and truthful life.I personally feel such a need and I observe it also around me. People are waking up.“
Mirka plans to create another jewelry collection using the same materials cultivating the theme of Yoga and spirituality. Her head is full of ideas.