Wedding ring's hidden stories

Weddings are no longer driven by traditions and family customs. No need to dress in white, have a bouquet done from grandma's favorite flowers. You can freely skip the white tablecloths, official photographs and big cakes. Your wedding can be tailored to your own wishes.

The same is true about the wedding rings. They can be far away from simple, uniform bands bought in traditional jewelry stores. A number of Czech jewelry designers is able to offer an individual approach to your ideas and embed your personal story into the ring.

27JEWELRY by Lenka Šváchová is characterized by playful imagination, enchantment with different materials. Her jewelry is organic, lively, variable and unorthodox. Original wedding rings made by Lenka aspire to meet the ideas of the couple, but at the same time without loosing her unique design character. Her wedding rings often come from the existing collections with adjustments according to specific wishes. Frequent request is to have a different ring for Her and for Him but united by the same aesthetical principal. Lenka can also make a ring with the fingerprint of your loved one, ring with a stone inside or outside or even two different rings whose shapes fit into one another and thus make a single unit.

Symbolism of belonging expressed by two rings that fit together can be also found with Klára Šípková. In contrast to 27 JEWELRY her shapes are clean and minimalistic. The bonding principle can be a hidden magnet or an important date. Klara loves to work with surgical steel but in case of wedding rings she is fine with other materials such as white gold and brilliants. If you look for timeless beauty that doesn't wear out you can find it here.

Also Věra Nováková's design can be called timeless. Her simple shape rings are characterizes by the cuttlefish bone imprint. Different rings can be worn together, there could be three different colors of gold or an engagement ring with a sphere can be joined by a wedding ring with an arch that wraps around the sphere.

If you are looking for something completely different, for something unique. If you like architecture and construction design and gold is not a must, than there is one material just for you – concrete. It might sound strange at first but Gravelli design will convince you that concrete wedding ring is exactly what epitomizes the essence of marriage. It's strong but fragile and one have to take care of it to make it last.